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In TUBACERO, S.L.U. we assume the service quality as a client´s right, so it must be part of all the team  who work in our firm.

Our good service effort made in the proximity and technical aknowledge, and quality, have made us to stablish a model of certificates management as it is shown in ISO 9001:2008, throughout we define our Quality Terms with the following targets:

  • To know and satisfy all our customer ´s needs and expectations, and all legal and basic requirements for each one.
  • To inform our clients of all possible incidents which may happen in our service, and try to shorten them for a smaller impact.
  • To try to improve our processes eficiency and our management system in orden to be more competitives.
  • To teach our team the best in all areas, and make them to get into all this continued inprovement.
  • To improve and innovate all technologies in our firm to make them the most modern ones  into the global market.
  • To be awared from the oppontunities in our Management System throughout permanent tests, to make it adecuated and fit for the market requirements.