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TUBACERO was created moreover 40 years ago, with the intention of becoming a great leader of carbon steel and stainless steel piping.  delivering and selling, with or without welding., accesories, valves and more components for conductions..

Our warehouses of up to 30,000 m2 in Cartagena, 4 dealing and delivering own centers , and some other commercial branches have a permanent stock of 45,000 tons, and 6,000 references which make us able to warranty the most wide product range and the most competitive delivery dates.

In these last years, we have added some assistant services to our activity: Pouring lines, installations for anti-corrosive protection treatments, cutting required, threading, slotting, bevelling edges, mechanizations and so on.

Our own control laboratory, joined with the most serious and strict buying specifications, and the fine collaboration we mantein with the most prestigious metal laboratories warranty us that all our products have passed the most required and serious quality controls before arriving in our clients warehouses.

Our clients book is placed in:

  • Chemical and petrochemical area.
  • Naval area.
  • Desalting, depurating and potable water dealing plants.
  • Coal fired power-stations.
  • Engineering firms, and building and mounting enterprises.
  • Drainage and re-cycling plants.
  • Anti-fire systems.