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B.W. Accesories in carbon steel and alloyed.

  • A234. Pipe’s accesories for high to moderate temperature orders required.
  • A420. Pipe’s accesories for low temperatures orders required in all its grades.
  • A860. Pipe’s accesories very little alloyed and with a high elastic limit.

B.W. accesories in stainless steel

  • A403. Pipe’s accesories in 304L-316L stainless steel.
  • B.W. Elbows from 45º, 90º up to 180º, short or long radium.
  • B.W. Tes, reduced or all the same ones.
  • B.W. Excentric and concentric reductions.
  • B.W. Caps.
  • ANSI NORM B 16.9
  • Lengths form ½” up to 48”.